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To use acting and presenting skills and techniques to help those in the corporate world increase their confidence for presentations, public speaking, pitches and every day life.

About me

I began acting in 1995, fresh to the performing world I was green but keen and immediately latched on to more experienced actors and presenters to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. 

As a result, nearly 25 years later I have successfully ticked every box there is in the entertainment world. Having starred in 3 long running tv series, 6 movies, acted on the West End stage, presented hundreds of hours of live tv, hosted numerous live events, performed at the Edinburgh Festival, in several pantomimes (oh yes I have...) and even written and directed a film. 

All my knowledge is gained through personal experience. I failed time and time again and learned the hard way. So you don't have to.  

The course

By combining the techniques learnt from both on camera work with stage craft I can provide an all inclusive course that will arm you with all the tools to tackle any presenting or public speaking situation.

We cover breathing techniques, vocal warm up, physical warm up, nutrition, speech delivery, diction exercises, role play, dialogue 'colouring', on camera techniques and tricks of the trade. With a few anecdotes thrown in.

Course Options

The Seminar

This is a 2 day course.

Day 1 We do an assessment on your current presentation skills, critique and give notes on how to improve.

Day 2 We re-evaluate having given you a chance to employ the tips and techniques given in your critique.

The Clinic

This is where we set up for a day in your office and individuals can book in time slots to focus on their particular problem areas. This way each person receives one to one bespoke training without taking a whole team out of commission for a day. This has proved very popular as it accounts for the different levels of aptitude within a team. Ideally spread over a period of time ie every Friday for a month so we can monitor progress and keep continuity. 

One to One

One on one direction for high end individuals for an up coming event where we will break down the speech line by line to ensure maximum impact and ultimate delivery. 

I am also available personally to hire for event presentations - please contact for rates 


Matthew Wright

"Jeremy has the gift, the ability to communicate with wit and warmth, to really engage with an audience. A man worth listening to if you want to do the same"

Dermot O'Leary

Having worked with and interviewed Jeremy, I know that he is a natural. He is smart, funny and self-effacing, for those not used to public speaking, he's an excellent and supportive tutor"

David Walliams

"You won't meet a nicer, more professional presenter than Jeremy. He makes it look easy - it's not. You can learn a lot from this fine, annoyingly handsome man"


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